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YCW Coil Overs --SOLD--

A. Item for sale: YCW Coil Overs
B. Condition: Excellent; Brand New in the Box!! Never installed
C. Price: $1,000 plus shipping
D. Location of item(s): St Louis, MO area
E. Picture of item:

These were purchased brand new at the end of the preproduction run, thus these were developed after all of the developmental testing and trials were complete. These are the black ones that came stock with the Swift springs; they were not swap-outs. These include everything that's supposed to be in the box; shocks, springs, tools, front sway bar end links, boot wraps, adjustment extensions, everything! The ONLY reason these were never installed is because I traded the car before I had a chance to put them in!

IMG_2539.JPG IMG_2538.JPG
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