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Hey folks,

Newb here. I should clarify--I'm new to the Focus ST, not vehicles, wrenching, forums, etc. I've read some of the FAQ's, and I promise to read the rest like the good little newb I am. Picking up my IS (see, I DID read at least one FAQ) '13 ST tomorrow. It'll be a project, as I'm purchasing it with a bad turbo and in need of some minor body work. I'm already grappling with the "do I just save $ and replace w/ an OEM K03 turbo, or step it up" question. We'll see how it goes.

Current rides:
'10 GTI w/ Revo Stage II tune, Carbonio intake, R8 coils, and 18x8.5 V44s.
'02 4Runner w/ BFG AT's

Previous rides:
'02 Mini Cooper S with mild mods
'07 WRX wagon w/ STi turbo, pro tune, supporting mods

So you can see, I have a slight addiction with the "hot hatch".

Lookin forward to learning lots and having a fun fall/winter project.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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