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xComp Phoenix AZ "Basic" Build

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Just picked up my 2016 ST3 Kona Blue Focus almost a week ago and already have parts delivered and more on the way.

For a background, I am coming from a 2011 Chevy Equinox V6 AWD so the Focus is a good bit different. And already an upgrade from the Chevy in terms of handling and speed.

Therefore, at least at the moment I am not really planning on doing much in the power department.

Mods in hand waiting to install:
Boomba Ultimate Short Shifter
JBR Catch can (lower mount)

Mods ordered and on the way:
WC Lathe Werks 4" Titanium Piston :)
3/8" Focus RS gas pedal spacer

Mods I want to do down the road:
Stage 1 tune (probably stratified)
Some type of adjustment to the Clutch Pedal

Mods I am thinking about doing:
Wing riser
Symposer Delete

JBR Catch Can

Boomba Ultimate

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Quote Originally Posted by xComp View Post

Yeah the clutch spring is on my list later down the road but it would be a cheap piece so I don't mind buying it and waiting to install it. The stock clutch isn't bad now I'm getting more used to it, just very springy up toward the top.

I will install the catch can when I get it and will be waiting a bit to install the Boomba Shifter. Those are the only mods I'm doing for a while, along with a gas pedal spacer.

Cobb Stage 1 will come in 9 months to a year as I'm already gifted with the power as I was coming from an SUV. And that will about do it, as much as I want to go stage 2/3 down the road I don't think I'll ever have the guts to make that much of a mechanical change.

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I'm just going to save this post and then repost it at the bottom of your soon to be started build thread. We all say that and then we all find ourselves looking at parts, small at first then a little bit of "I wonder" or "it's just to smooth out the power curve and fill in the valleys" next thing it's "a big turbo will keep it from losing power up top" and just like that it's off the automotive version of AA and mini vans

Man of my word.
Congrats again, like you, I also had parts ordered before I even picked up my car.
It's an addiction. :cool2:
I remembered and figured you'd post, I waited this long as today was the first day I even took a picture of the car.

I want to get started and put the shifter in but I want to wait for my WC Lathe Werks shifter as the stock shifter may be a bit too light with the reduction, or maybe not. I don't know how much weight matters for the shifter.

Also, when I got the car it didn't have the ST3 carbon fiber shifter so I am waiting for that one to come in from the dealer. They want to give me a whole new shifter assembly though, like WTF, just unscrew and rescrew. They say they can only order the full assembly and not the knob itself. I don't get it.

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that is odd, somewhere on the forum someone posted the part number for the knob alone. it was back ordered for who knows how long and perhaps that's why. In stock as a unit and back ordered on its own.
Yeah I'm not too worried about it, but I will get it at some point, but yes odd. I went there the other day becuase they said they had it, but it was a whole assembly with the same stock knob so I up and left. There are some dealers on eBay selling them, I may just ask the dealer for cash and go buy it myself or maybe just pocket the money and wait for my other knob from WC

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First Part Installed: Your Little CNC Shop 3/8" Focus RS pedal spacer.

I was looking for a pedal spacer that was small than then normal ones of 1.5", and this was the only one I found, and cheaper than most of the other ones.

Install was "easy" but a bit annoying as the top bolt is only accessible with a small extension and makes it hard to rotate the ratchet with just the small space. Other than that, took about 25 sweaty minutes.

Fit and size is great, sits just barely lower than the brake when slight pressure is put on. I would recommend this over any of the other larger spacers as they would probably be higher than the brake when actually slowing down.

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