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WTB: Wheels! OEM ST wheels or Enkei/Sparco... Chicago area... whatcha got?

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Ok, so originally I was after a full set of wheels and summer tires. Well, I found a set of new summer Goodyear F1s so now I'm just after a set of wheels.

Looking for 18x8 in great condition.

Ideally, I'd like the OEM ST premium wheels, but I'd also take a set of rado grey snowflakes. Not super interested in the original light grey snowflakes.


If you've got a nice set of Enkei or Sparco wheels, I'm open to that too.

I'm in the Chicago area and I'm willing to drive a few hours if you've got the right set of wheels.

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I have stock 14' ST Wheels no TPMS, 2 have brand new cheap all seasons on them. One of the rims is damaged (pothole). Don't think it will hold air but it isn't as bad as it sounds if you know people who can repair them. I'd like 500 for all 4 as is in Michigan
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