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WTB Stock Air Box Lid

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Whats up guys. im looking to buy the stock air box lid. well hoping someone has one laying around and wont make me pay. but if someone is a stickler then i guess i would pay. Im in north jersey for anyone looking to meet up. thanks guys!
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Bump. Still looking for the lid. Come on I know you guys have em laying around
lol you have the part number, go order one at the dealer ;)
I understand that but $20 for a piece of plastic that im sure 75% of the people on this forum don't even use doesn't make sense to me. figured id see if anyone has one laying around that I would pay shipping for instead of the $20
I will go out on a limb but most people save parts like that for when they go back to stock to part out. Or considering 90% of the intakes on the market are just the tube but you keep the factory airbox, so you might get lucky and get one. Good luck.
thanks dude. if by some chance you happen to come across one on this forum or whatever, shoot me a message
bumparooooo, come on guys. help an innovator out
I thought they were $12 from Ford?

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only one i saw was $19.99 plus shipping form ford. where did you see it for $12?
Why not just go pick it up at the dealership? Are you looking for someone to just give it to you for free?
no im not looking for it for free. but im just not trying to pay $20 for a part that some people have just lying around is all.
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