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WTB MudFlaps and more

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whats up brotherins.
im looking to buy mud flaps. currently have the shorty rockblockz so if someone wants to trade and some cash or ill probably end up buying some full size ones then sell my short flaps. Let me know. also looking for a cobb short shift. thanks guys. im in northern nj
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I second the Rallyarmor flaps, though I have installed mine and had them on the car about a year now. Love them, and worth the price. The rear wheel well is a b***h if you try to go with something universal, because of dat gap yo. Also, this is totally up to you, but I would suggest the short shift arm from Breedt. I like it better because its a new shift arm and not an adapter. I started with the steeda adapter and found that I really prefer the Breedt, it is a much lighter arm than stock.
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