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WTB: Mountune badges

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If you got a Mountune kit and don't plan on using your badges I am looking for them. I am primarily interested in just the M badge. But I don't know if it comes with both, or the type of kit determines what it comes with, just let me know what you have. Looking to be in like new condition. Original adhesive if possible. Thanks. Example pictures below.

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Looks like he ships world wide, I made an offer, thanks for the find. They were there last time I looked. Hopefully they're real. They appear so and the price would suggest they are.
Good. Post some pics once you get them and throw em on.
Back on the hunt. The listing has now been removed will no reply to my offer.
Crap. Have you tried Mountune's website? They are a supporting vendor too, maybe contact them through the forum.

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They only offer them with the power kits. Not for individual sale.
Have you talked to them directly? You never know, if you're willing to pay I don't see why they wouldn't sell it to you.
Yeah I called them directly. Told them I couldn't find them for sale on the site. They told me they are exclusive to the power kits and asked if I would like to buy one haha. I told him no thank you, and I do have their AP3/Tune and BPV but that's all I was interested in. He understood and apologized that they were not for purchase.

I'm not surprised, DINAN does a similar thing to get their badge too with the BMW'S. Like this you have to find one for sale privately or buy a ton of stuff that equals a certain amount of "points" to qualify for the badge.
Lol, that's weird. I mean, it's free advertising if nothing else. Especially if you actually have some of their parts on your car.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts