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Wipers not parking properly

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Anybody else having this happen? It only seems to happen when I press down on the stalk for a single swipe. Windshield Vehicle Windscreen wiper Glass Car
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Be careful if you go to recalibrate them. On mine the passenger side went first causing them to tangle up and break a blade off there for slamming back down and cracking my windshield :(
Yeah not even trying anything on my own to repair it. I'm not even at 3,000 miles. No need to be breaking things already.

By the lack of comments though I feel like this may not be a common issue.
Mine happened when put them back on after installing my intake. Had them off by one tooth and it wanted to recalibrate. So was my fault, however was little mad that Ford had the passenger side go first to calibrate when the driver side must move first.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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