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So i've been running a custom tune E30 tune for a few weeks now and I've run in to a very strange issue which me and my tuner can't seem to troubleshoot. We already tamed down the tune on high RPM to try to prevent this but it keeps happening.

Basically the car randomly cuts power at around 6000-6200 RPM, it feels like a soft cut limiter. It has happened in 3rd gear twice and twice with 2nd gear. With the latest tune it has only happened in 2nd gear. It does not happen with every pull, and more likely happens with smaller gears 2/3 and has never happened in 4th. The car runs fine otherwise and pulls quite hard.

Before the E30 tune I've been tuned on 98RON without any issues.

Current mods:
ToyoSports/Whoosh FMIC
NGK 6510 plugs gapped at 0.028"
Custom catback exhaust
SD performance air filter

Here are two datalogs when the error has occured:

In both logs boost behaviour looks weird, it spikes at a very high RPM.
I've ruled out the clutch position / flat foot shifting causing this by logging clutch position with the AP.

If anyone has any insight why this is happening, i'd be thankful for any advice to resolve this!
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