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Hello friends. I have an an interesting situation that I haven't been too successful finding any good information to help my decision.

My car had about $10k of damage done to the front. Everything replaced. Mtune intercooler, crashbar, radiator/shroud, headlights, fenders refinished, front wheels refinished, obviously bumper ... etc. So I am getting ready to do some tinkering as I often do, pop open the hood and something catches my eye ... an M on my cold side charge pipe. Considering I never purchased and/or installed mtune charge pipes, I am quite surprised to see this. I get under the car and discover I have 2 of the 4 charge pipes replaced, both the pipes directly connected to the intercooler. I'm thinking, no big deal, I should be able to get the third silicone pipe from mountune. Wrong, they only come in kits to mountune. OK, fine. So I checked with Ford to see if by chance they had any parts that they didn't install. Wrong again. So, here is where I am at:

My goal is to just get to a stage 3 or equivalent ... simple, bolt-ons, custom tune, stock turbo. Obviously, I can get the hard pipe separately, but the final silicone pipe going into the turbo ... how necessary is it for what I want to do? I also am a big OCD. My new found charge pipes are black .. the rest of my toys are red ... ugh! (Also my new replacement intercooler is black when my old one was silver ... so my intake doesn't match my intercooler anymore...) I know, currently, Ford Performance probably has a stockpile or red kits still available ... at least I can see them on various websites (saying while supplies last). So there is that OCD option ... but would I be able to sell just two charge pipes?

I don't know ... what do you guys think? Either way, I am almost certainly replacing the hard pipe, as was the plan all along. But beyond that ... I canny make a decision.
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