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Wanting to trade 2016 civic EX-T coupe for ST2/3 2014+

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I am not sure if posting this, in this forum is appropriate but we will see.

I am looking to trade my 2016 ex-t civic coupe for (preferably) a 2014+ st2/st3. I would like to know how I should go about doing so, and if I even should. My gen x civic is an auto and quite frankly just isn't as fun. When I originally went car shopping I was looking for an ST but "settled" on the civic because it was new. Now however I wish I would have gone with the ST from the start. KBB has my civic listed at ~18k and I have been finding ST2/3's for less than that. My civic was originally ~23 and I have paid a couple thousand off the loan. My friend brought up a good point and that was "if you are paying as much as you are, you should be paying for something you want" (which is an ST). So I guess my question is, how would I go about doing this?

Another reason for wanting the switch is I believe it would slightly less payments than my civic both insurance and car note wise.. But I am just curious to see what you guys think. I would wait for the SI but its gonna be close to 30k and I am not about to be paying even MORE for something when I just really want an ST.
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