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Wanting to trade 2016 civic EX-T coupe for ST2/3 2014+

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I am not sure if posting this, in this forum is appropriate but we will see.

I am looking to trade my 2016 ex-t civic coupe for (preferably) a 2014+ st2/st3. I would like to know how I should go about doing so, and if I even should. My gen x civic is an auto and quite frankly just isn't as fun. When I originally went car shopping I was looking for an ST but "settled" on the civic because it was new. Now however I wish I would have gone with the ST from the start. KBB has my civic listed at ~18k and I have been finding ST2/3's for less than that. My civic was originally ~23 and I have paid a couple thousand off the loan. My friend brought up a good point and that was "if you are paying as much as you are, you should be paying for something you want" (which is an ST). So I guess my question is, how would I go about doing this?

Another reason for wanting the switch is I believe it would slightly less payments than my civic both insurance and car note wise.. But I am just curious to see what you guys think. I would wait for the SI but its gonna be close to 30k and I am not about to be paying even MORE for something when I just really want an ST.
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Keep this in mind - a direct trade is extremely unlikely, since most ST owners are performance-minded. Most threads on this forum about dumping their ST are either because (a) it's a lemon, (b) need a bigger car, (c) need a cheaper car, or (d) want more performance. You don't want the (a) car and the Civic doesn't really fit (b)-(d).

So now you're selling/re-buying. If you're selling to a dealer, they're going to get their cut on the buy and if you're buying your ST from a dealer, they'll get their cut on the sell too. So your only good chance to break even on the deal (since the value of both cars is roughly equivalent) is to sell privately and buy privately, which is a PITA and time sink.

You may have to just grin and bear it either way. If the added expense of doing the transaction is too much to bear, then just think of the gas money you're saving every month and the depreciation you're not suffering because you bought a Honda. If not, then think of it as spending a little more money to have a lot more fun.
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