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Hi guys, I'm new to the site, my love and admire to Focus ST and willing to buy a Focus ST lead me to join the website.
I'm looking for:

[[2017 Focus ST,
ST Package 1,
Clean Title,
Under 70k mileage]]

[[2018 Focus ST,
Salvage Title, but with no Airbag went off,
Under 60k mileage]]

I mean:
Black (strongly love to be Black), White, Silver, Red...respectively concerned. (no Yellow please! no Magnetic please!)
Better not been exceeded 70 000 Miles (or Kilometres),
Has not underwent serious accident or undercarriage damage (okay with slightly damaged)
Being ST Package 1 or ST2 or ST3 doesn't matter,
Being GCC or Imported from the USA or Europe does not matter too,
Wheels with red calipers is something I love to be attached to the car,

Notes: I have 12500 USD for to spend for a Focus ST in the UAE (45000 AED), you find it alittle? Oh wait I don't live in the UAE, so with transfer and plate costs (nearly 4000 USD), a Focus ST will cost me nearly 16000 USD, this is considered too much for a Manual car where I live and I'm sure I will lose 2500-3000 USD right away! The city where I live has only 4-5 STs! But I love to own a Focus ST, because I own it for myself not to the city people! I've waited more than six months to buy a Focus ST still have not find one ! These 6 months I've read about many cars and looking to make mind, I went from Fusion, Altima, Malibu to Golf GTI and Focus, I love the Titanium too, but the look and the performance of ST stands out so uniquely, GTI is more expensive, but I find ST more spectacular, so I've become stubborn about Focus ST insisting on owning it ! I've found that I've fallen in love with Focus ST and would strongly like to meet her!

So is there anyone refer me to a 2017 Black Focus ST ? and end the 6-month thirsty of me?
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