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One of our biggest projects we've done here is our CLA45 2.0 Turbo.

Not satisfied with having a great result, we added something new to it. Our newest modification to the Mercedes CLA45 Project Car is the Armytrix valvetronic turboback exhaust revving up here at Vivid Racing. Well now after some long editing and some fun shooting, we bring you one of the best videos we have produced to rival our original Mercedes C63 video here with over 1.5 Million views! This video features our CLA45 ripping through the canyons out here in the Arizona desert as we capture the beauty of the car and the quality of the sound. The 2.0L turbo AMG engine slaps through the gears as the sound echos through the canyon. No weird music, just pure art!

Armytrix’s exhaust sounds are what make the exhaust company so popular. Their fire breathing Lamborghini and Ferrari’s have been seen millions of times over on YouTube. But now its our turn to give you the best action exhaust video showing off the Mercedes CLA45 2.0L Turbo. Enjoy the sites and sounds and please share where you can!

Listen to the start up and rev video here:

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