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Virtual maker space type thing??

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I wanted to float an idea out there and get some feedback from the community. I'm in the process of building a stroker motor, and am gathering the tools needed to do most of the work myself (because I'm stubborn and like making things more difficult....)

So far, I've bought a set of used Mitutoyo mics and telescoping bore gages, which ran me about $300. I'm looking at picking up a dial bore gage ($350), a torque plate ($300), timing tool set ($100), flex hone ($75), piston ring compressor ($50), and inside mic ($100). The prices are obviously estimates, but that comes to around $975 of tools.

Which beings me to the reason for the post: Would anyone be interested in either going in on these tools as a group and rotating usage, OR, renting this "build tool" set when they need it for, say, $100 plus shipping. Obviously there is a lot of trust involved in either option, but I think this community does a pretty good job of policing itself, and sifting the real car guys from the teenage hellaflush gang:rolleyes:. One other thing to note is that this assumes your block is in good condition and just needs a hone. Measurements would need to be taken beforehand to establish this as an option, so perhaps that would limit the need for such a kit.

In short, I'd hate to see a bunch of expensive tools sit in my box gathering dust when they could be helping people build their engines, if they are so inclined.

Feedback and comments are welcome, up to and including claims that I am bonkers....:smile:
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This is im fact a great idea. Precision tools are no joke expensive.

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No kidding! Since posting this, I shelled out $350+ for a Mitutoyo dial bore gauge. Taking cylinder measurements just became easy....
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