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Hey guys. Been a while since I free roam posted on here. I know I know, you guys hate me now!! Nah I'm still around, just busy as hell!!!

I wanted to show you what our latest stage 1+ track prep system looks like. You ready?


For those who are not familiar or haven't followed my brake cooling development from Nov and Oct of 2015. I designed the brake cooling system to scoop up high speed air and route it to the rotors. The converging section also allows for a bump in air velocity, there is a main central vane that also partitions the flow for better direction change through the duct with out taking a hit to pressure drop.

Then, I flew out to Arizona to meet up with Kevin and his crew for testing. We fitted infra-red probes and thermocouples to the rotor and caliper to gather the data at 12 samples per second. During each road course session, I was able to collect thousands of data points without cooling and with cooling and compared the two, all done on the same day.

When we blocked off the system, our driver pitted early during one heat and told us to unblock it because it was too dangerous to run without our brake cooling!!!

With ambient temperatures in the 100s and one of the twistiest courses in the country (arizona motorsports park as well as wildhorse pass motorsports park), we were able to extract so much heat from the rotors that the driver was besting his non cooled lap times by SECONDS using our brake cooling.

The car was a 360 whp stratified tuned big turbo ST set up for track duty, our driver is a forum member @Kevin who is experienced and helped tremendously with development of the stage 1 brake cooling kit.

We combined the BIG MOUTH with our stage 1 to form this track prep kit, if you track your car, you will want to snag this!

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