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I love driving my car, it is highly modified and somewhat track oriented, but an ST buddy recently said it looked "pretty stock."

What are some of the more unique mods you have seen on a FoST or you have done to your own?

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I love driving my car, it is highly modified and somewhat track oriented, but an ST buddy recently said it looked "pretty stock."

What are some of the more unique mods you have seen on a FoST or you have done to your own?
What do you have done?

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I think to have a focus really stand out from stock you need colorful rims, different paint color or stickers all over. Other options would be widening the fenders for some fat tires too. Here is the list from his build thread:

Wilwood DP6 Front Calipers (Red)
Wilwood "BP-10" pads for street use/Wilwood "Polymatrix H" pads for track use
Stainless Steel Lines front/rear (all above from TCE)
Motul 600 Racing fluid (
EBC Rotors front and rear for track use (from Summit)
Hawk Blue pads for track use (rear)
Frankenbrake rear conversion Project Frankenbrake - Larger rear brakes on a budget!

BC BR Coilovers (bought used)
Mountune Front Strut Tower Brace (from Mountune)
Eibach Rear Sway Bar (bought from a forum member)
Steeda rear sway bar end links (bought from a forum member)

Injen Wrinkle Red Intake (bought from TTR)
Breedt Intake Manifold Spacer (Red) (from Breedt)
Breedt Throttle Body Spacer (Red) (from Breedt)
Breedt Sound Symposer Delete Plate (from Breedt)
Cobb AccessPort V3 with Randy tunes and Panda Motorworks Tune
Panda Motorworks Front Mount Intercooler
Boomba Blow-off valve (from Boomba)
Boomba two-piece rear motor mount (from Boomba)
JBR Stage 2 Oil Catch Can (from JBR)
JLT oil separator Why did I install 2 catch cans. (from CFM)
CFM Billet Valve Cover Breather (from CFM)
Denso ITV 22 plugs (from Amazon)
Depo Racing Catless Downpipe (from a local ST owner)
Cobb Cat-back Exhaust (from a local ST owner) with Torque Solutions exhaust hangers (from Amazon)
DIY Earl's 19 row oil cooler with Greddy thermostatic sandwich plate (from a forum member)

JBR solid shifter base bushings (from JBR)
JBR Red heavy piston shift knob (from JBR)
Breedt quick shift arm set to 39% reduction 25mm forward (from Breedt)
Boosted Designs solid shifter bracket bushings (from Boosted Designs)

Husky Weatherbeater floormats front and rear (from Amazon)
Lloyd’s ST Logo Trunk mat (from CJPP)
Diono Radian RXT convertible child seat--hey, it’s a mod! (2 of thesefrom Babies R Us)
Lionheart kick mats (for the back of the seats)
Homemade/******* Homelink (like $3 worth of industrial velcro from Walmart)
Muddy’s upgraded lighting–LED puddle lamps and trunk lamps Muddy's Upgraded Lighting Thread (I think this cost $36 total for 4 leds--link is on Muddy's thread)
Triple A-Pillar Gauge pod (from Glowshift)
Street Guardian Dash Cam (bought from Amazon)

3M Tint–35% Front, 20% Back (from ProTint of Louisville)
*Removed* EZ Lip Front Spoiler (from ebay)
Boosted Designs black mudflaps
Sparco Tarmac 17” Wheels (for winter) dipped Antique Gold (from
Bridgestone Blizzak WS-70’s (for winter) mounted with TPMS ($1240 for the package from tirerack)
AVS Window Channel Vent Shades (on ebay)
Headlight Armor yellow fog covers
Redline Tuning Hood Struts (from CJPP)
HID backup lights (from aliexpress)
Sparco tow strap (from eBay)

“AA” coded stock amp Fix for Low Volume of Sony Stereo (used from a forum member)
Rockford Fosgate 8” shallow mount subwoofer in stock location Sub and amp only replacement (from amazon)
Infinity Kappa 60.11cs speakers (from amazon)
Knu Konceptz Kno Knoise Kolossus Sound Deadening (from amazon)

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I mean head on it looks stock, aside from the front lip. Especially when you cant see the spoiler or side skirts. Maybe lose the snowflakes and you would be good, shaving the grill would help also. Just my thoughts.

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I've been focusing on the interior lately. Reupholstering the front door panel fabric inserts in a nice suede leather, changed out the chrome trim on the outboard vents to a base Focus's flat black vent (reduces the reflection you see in the window when looking at side mirrors), changed the middle vent bezels and front door chrome trim over to the painted blue-grey trim of a non-ST Focus, wrapped the HVAC and shifter surround trims in gunmetal vinyl wrap. Definitely stuff I've seen no other FoST owners doing. Next up I'm going to be adding a '15 ST wheel, Sync 3 infotainment, a backup camera, and making my own shifter boot out of real leather.

My center stack as of yesterday, pending the new boot:
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OMG, omg that wing lmao....:haha:
change out you're steering wheel from SS tuning. :smile: (expensive)
maybe change out the head lights? (expensive)
Leave it looking stock (no money out of pocket) We call this a "sleeper" :in love:

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on the exterior of my car its only lowered with rays gramlights 57xtremes. I love when I meet other st guys at meets and they assume my car is stock. Then I get to tell them it makes 425 to the wheels and they shut up. If you like the way the car looks then leave it... don't do something cause someone said your car doesn't meet their visual needs
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