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Unbelievable hospitality and workmanship from tb performance parts

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Good day to every Focus ST owner and enthusiast out there. This is my first post on any forum but I felt that all you guys and gals should hear about a business that operates from America called TB Performance Parts that is run by a real gentleman by the name of Danny Check, his workmanship is second to none and he makes all his parts by hand. I highly recommend that you check out his website for a full description of what he makes but just to give you an idea of what he makes for Focus ST owners are items such as , Traction Bar , Rear Traction Bar, Front Strut Tower Brace, Mid Chassis Brace and a Booty Boot Camp to really stiffen up the rear end amongst other items, so I recommend you visit his site for a full rundown on his services, you won't be disappointed as he really produces top quality parts. Cheers to everyone
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