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Tuxedo Black - What is best for it?

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Got a '14 and we've taken care of it, but not had a heavy cleaning routine. Normally just run through car washes that are brushless. But that spot free rinse after a while builds up and you've got to hand wash it. The car is kept outside and any color exposed to sunlight and the elements does get weathered over time. It happens.

I generally use Meguiar's and Mother's cleaning products and quick detail sprays for shows. The Maguire's black detail spary
Meguiar's Gold Glass detail spray -
Meguiar's quick detailer spray - - this one not as good as the gold class, but gets the job done

We have clay bared the car and do wax it on the season changes. I'm looking for a wax and polish that will really bring out the color of the car. I remember reading somewhere, and i'm failing at my searching skills, to find the info about wolfgang and black diamond polishes. Are there any that are better than those two? Got a spring show I'm planning for and want to make it where the car will catch your eye.

Side note, for interior, this stuff is great.
Meguiar's Quik Interior. Can use spray or wipes. Does not leave an oily residue behind like ArmorAll does. Cleans up most messes on the panels, cup holders, etc. Does not leave streaks. Do not use on glass.™/#Su4P1dy1wbe6Omsb.97

Windex, amonia free! is the best for polishing those exhaust tips and cleaning the windows, tinted or not.
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This is a question that will get ten responses and ten different products. Personally I would skip the wax and use a sealant. If it was me I would...
Wash with two buckets when the car is dirty, but ONR wash it every week or so. It won't take long, and won't hurt the finish.
In the spring clay, polish, sealant.
In the summer use a water activated spray sealant when drying.
After every wash use a regular spray wax or sealant as a drying aid.
In the fall before winter re sealant the car. Come January's re water activated sealant the car. That will have you ready for spring and start all over.

Interior you may need APC at 5:1 and 10:1, I always have both ready to go. For regular cleaning Megs quick interior detailer is good stuff, I but it by the gallon. It is good for everything even safe on touch screens and leather.
For leather I use 3D liquid leather.

For wheels I use Adams wheel cleaner cut 1:1. I spray the wheel with water to rinse it off, then spray wheel cleaner. Wait till it turns colors and brush with wheel woolies.

Engine bay mist with water, do not use stream. Spray APC wait 30 seconds and brush with a soft brush on a handle. Re mist till clean. Dry by hand the best you can. Use a dressing on hard surfaces you can reach and spray Megs plastic and vynal coating where you can't reach.
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The wax I use is the meguiars cleaner wax. It's goes on and off real easy. The trick is to wax at least once a month.
That is the problem with wax. Sealant you are good for upto 9 months. Coating upto 5+ years depending on the one you choose.
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