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Tuxedo Black - What is best for it?

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Got a '14 and we've taken care of it, but not had a heavy cleaning routine. Normally just run through car washes that are brushless. But that spot free rinse after a while builds up and you've got to hand wash it. The car is kept outside and any color exposed to sunlight and the elements does get weathered over time. It happens.

I generally use Meguiar's and Mother's cleaning products and quick detail sprays for shows. The Maguire's black detail spary
Meguiar's Gold Glass detail spray -
Meguiar's quick detailer spray - - this one not as good as the gold class, but gets the job done

We have clay bared the car and do wax it on the season changes. I'm looking for a wax and polish that will really bring out the color of the car. I remember reading somewhere, and i'm failing at my searching skills, to find the info about wolfgang and black diamond polishes. Are there any that are better than those two? Got a spring show I'm planning for and want to make it where the car will catch your eye.

Side note, for interior, this stuff is great.
Meguiar's Quik Interior. Can use spray or wipes. Does not leave an oily residue behind like ArmorAll does. Cleans up most messes on the panels, cup holders, etc. Does not leave streaks. Do not use on glass.™/#Su4P1dy1wbe6Omsb.97

Windex, amonia free! is the best for polishing those exhaust tips and cleaning the windows, tinted or not.
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To properly protect your paint, you will need to do a few different steps. As mentioned, everyone has a different way to do it, but this way gives you amazing protection, but also great gloss.

Find a good coating. I use AMMO NYC Reflex for example. You will wash the car with normal car soap, but add a few shots of dish soap in to help strip everything you have on the paint. Then use a damp microfiber towel to dry the car. You dont want to use any sort of lubricant as it may cause the coating to not adhere properly. Apply the coating as per the manufacturers directions. Coatings give a REALLY protective base and give a good amount of base gloss. Coatings can last a year or even more depending on the manufacturer, but do not pick your product based on how long it will last because a lot of manufacturers seem to over do it.

Then do a good sealant. I use AMMO NYC Skin for example. This goes on just like wax, but sealants are man made so they last longer and protect better. Super easy to do. Sealants typically give better gloss as well, but not quite what a Carnauba wax will. Sealants will last 6 months to a year.

Then do a wax. I use AMMO NYC Creme. This is a Carnauba wax and due to the fact that it is a natural product, it does not last long. Carnauba typically flashes at 100F so it burns off quickly. You can do wax once a month, or just before you go to a car show kind of thing. Carnauba gives the best gloss, and gives the paint that wet look. Like I said, carnauba wax can last a month, maybe two.

Then you can wash the car normally (without dish soap), and typically this set up will last up to a year. I do it every 6 months just to be safe. Water still beads amazingly after a year though.
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That is the problem with wax. Sealant you are good for upto 9 months. Coating upto 5+ years depending on the one you choose.
Wax is meant to be the final, last minute touch to make the paint pop. It really doesn't offer a ton of protection compared to a sealant or coating.

Sealant is the next step up in protection, and should be done twice a year. Once before winter and once in spring. This way you have all year protection. Coatings can last up to a year to 18 months, but for how easy it is to do, there is no reason to not do it every year.

Some coatings say that they can last 3-5 years, which is total BS. There are also "glass coatings" which are BS as well. They offer protection, sure, but not to the extent that they claim.
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