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I purchased this a while back for the hell of it to make my own determination if this was a good buy or not. So i gave it about a month and wanted to give a review on it. Link below is my ****ty install video...

Install (sort of)

First this isn't a hard install but the aftermath is frustrating to a degree I cannot fathom. I followed the install that Rallysport made and put my car back to stock to avoid over boost. That wasn't the case for me, I couldn't get past 12-14 psi. So I assumed there was a leak, which there wasn't, and took apart my DIY intercooler, reinstalled my bypass valve and checked every other mod I did on the car.

Same result 12-14 psi, with the help of Torrie (Unleashed) and guys on this forum I finally got it working. So in my case I needed to get my tune redone, and after 8 revisions it is finally where it needs to be.....

Turbosmart claims it holds the boost longer through redline which is true. Below is a link to my last datalog…


You can be your own judge if you feel this mod is worth it, personally this 150 (estimate) wasn't worth the money or effort I put into it. Mind you I do all my own work, so there was no going back and forth to a mechanic to get it done and checked (referring to me tearing apart the intercooler etc).

The Skinny:

Mod does what manufacturer claims by holding boost to redline, however the complications that resulted from the install make this a no go in my opinion. Tighten your factory wastegate, get it tuned and call it a day.
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