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Hello everyone!
I am digging into learning how to tune for myself and want to give the COBB custom feature, WGDC base table a try - it bases itself off a pressure and RPM axis vs the OEM TURBO MFRACT and RPM axis'.

The COBB OTS maps (as far as I can tell) all seem to not make use of their own custom feature and use the OE WGDC table. I took some logs today and started filling in known points on the table from them, but its just not making much sense. I dont know if I should take the numbers from cruise, part throttle, or WOT as they are all obviously different (this becomes an issue mostly at lower boost levels that can happen at part throttle or WOT.

Anyone tried this method for boost control? Have any tips? I am trying to look at examples but most are from turbos that do not need to hold 100% WGDC for the upper RPM band to maintain boost so their entire shape is different lol.

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