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Well, do you want this in your engine, coking up your valves?
2014 Ford focus and 2012 Mini 025_zpskzjstuep.jpg
This image is of a borescope viewing a 2014 Focus ST with 9k miles and severely coked up valves. The next image is what it looked like after we did a manual valve cleaning with walnut shell media.
2014 Ford focus and 2012 Mini 039_zpszj3fweie.jpg
These next images are typical coked valves from various direct injection engines. The issue causes degradation over time lowering fuel economy, horsepower and torque. Valves are designed to have a certain size and shape to meet very specific performance criteria.
Coked Valves 1.JPG Coked Valves 2.JPG Coked Valves 3.JPG

Every engine has blow-by and the Focus ST being a boosted vehicle and in some cases heavily modified has a lot more! If you've been considering adding one to your ST now is the time. Call us here with any questions or shoot us an email. The installation is simple and takes about 40 minutes.
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