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Tire mileage . . . again.

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Well, the '14 ST is now coming up on 45,000 miles still on the original Goodyears. It is the wife car but has seen half a dozen autocrosses, usually 12 runs over 2 days, several long trips. I have been running 45/35 F/R to the derision of the forum but the tires are wearing dead even and very square on the shoulders. I have been rotating them front to rear every 10k. Looks like I will be going with Michelin Pilot Super Sports in stock sizes.

The car had the motormount upgrade early on plus a couple of other recalls. No real problems other than wife likes to drag the front on curbs. Brakes are probably half gone. I will probably change plugs at 50k. Oil and filter gets changed at 5k with Mobil 1 5w30. I am thinking about going with the Bilstein suspension kit soon, too.
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Wow, that's pretty shocking. I am not hard on my tires at all, and I didn't get 30K on the F1's. They wore evenly enough and I rotated them often, but they had 2mm or less of tread by the end.

I also went with the Super Sports - great tires...I've been very happy with them. They have a lot more grip than the F1's, especially the last 10K miles of their lives, and handle the cold and wet better. I have a '13 and the stock pads were so dusty that I dumped them at 15K miles. I just couldn't handle the snowflakes being gray/black 50 miles after a wash. The new ones have almost 40K and seem to be in pretty good shape still.

Oh one thing about the Super Sports - without any significant change in driving routes or styles, my MPG dropped noticeably (almost 2MPG) with the Super Sports versus the F1s. If max performance for the money is your goal, the Super Sports are a great choice but if you are looking for fuel economy, it's something to think about.
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