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Thoughts on the cobb ac and future upgrades.

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I recieved my new cobb a few days ago and here are my thoughts. The performance gain is significant for stage 1 and i will be getting the cpe 2 piece motor mount now lol. The economy mode i had hopes for but my mpg didnt go up much further. I drove 180 miles (which i have to everyother weekend) 70mph cruise control on economy and only got 26 mpg. I live in flat windy ks, im guessing the wind played a big roll. I burned just a **** hair past of an 8th of a tank driving north to emporia, when i turned around to drive south i burned down to a half a tank left. This motor doesnt have the asperated power a turbo jetta has that gets 6psi and over 30mpg which idealy the st cant be compared to when it runs on econmy mode. 15 lbs of boost alone doubles horsepower or has twice the atmospheric pressure which this car has 20 lbs. Any who, i am happy over all, i just read a lot of people bragging about 35 to 40. Yall should calculate you mpg the old school way by miles and gallons burned, way more accurate.

Now, intercooler will be next, im going with the cx racing, its perfect, not too big of a tank like the beast which can cause slight turbo lag maybe not noticeable but too cold can cause loss of performance considering the engine runs more effectively at certain temps. Im going to build my own cold air intake just like i did with my ram and do a custom exhaust (i dont like all the ones available that sounds like a rattling bees nest lol, maybe mbrp) The downpipe, pfff, ill get cjpony's house brand, its the same stainless steal as mbrp or cobb and etc, just a straight through pipe. After all the hardware i will dyno and get a custom tune made. Im really enjoying the ride though, its perfect, its fun and practical considering i got 2 boys.
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