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Bump -

More video, Chuck used my car for this

Best exhaust on the market.

Quoted you in the exhaust thread. But quoting again in hopes that OP might have some input too. Did you get it as a full system with the dp? If so, is that approach cheaper than getting the cat back then dp? If not and you got them separately, was it noticeably louder?

OP, question for you. I love the aesthetic design of this and it seems there will be no drone because of that second resonator in place of the stock muffler. These 2 videos seem to be the only ones out there right now so I'm assuming this is a newer exhaust to the market. I'm still doing sound research, but this system I think is the winner for me. My big question is about the price. Looking at TR&D's website, I couldn't find the system on any of their listed vendors websites so it was only available to buy direct from them and after tax and shipping was over $900 to my door and not including dp. From Panda, it's $640 to my door after coupon code, almost $300 cheaper. I also noticed Panda is not listed as a vendor on the TR&D website. I'm bringing all this up because it seems too good to be true. You are an official vendor to the forum so I'm more trusting, but considering the huge price difference between you and the OEM of the part just makes me want to confirm before committing, I hope you understand.

Some further questions. Funding is tight for me right now so is this your everyday price for this system? Or is it on sale other than coupon code? After these 9 sell out, will you continue to get these systems and maintain this price? I'm asking these in case I can't swing it now and need to wait. If you're pricing will most likely significantly increase in a couple months, I'm more likely to purchase now and suffer financially for a bit to save a couple hundred in the long run.

Thanks for your help, I hope you understand my concerns
Thanks for reaching out

Our everyday price is $699

These 9 units which only few left are $640.

Reason we are lower is no map just a retial Price. So I am loosing some profit to try compete with other systems when introducing this to the market.

Thank you

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I just had this Thermal exhaust system installed, which I got from the last group buy in late June/early July. Gotta say I'm impressed. The sound is great--low and growly, not high-pitched and "ricey." There's really no drone, either. You hear the exhaust when you get on the throttle, and it's reminiscent of my old 2010 Mustang GT growl (although it resonates through the ST hatchback differently than through a traditional coupe/convertible). At highway speeds, you can barely hear the exhaust, unless you accelerate. I heard more tire noise than exhaust note at 75mph.

The exhaust is also of high quality. The tip looks good, and isn't too showy. Fits the line of the car. The mechanic who installed it for me told me a couple of times that the system was really nice, and he said the muffler was one of the best he's seen. Actually, two guys who work at the muffler shop that did the install told me that.

This exhaust is noticeable, but I wouldn't say it's loud or obnoxious. You can wake the neighbors with it, but you won't automatically do so. It definitely responds to the throttle, though, which is nice. I would highly recommend it, if you're looking for a more baritone sound without drone. Even my wife said that she thought the car now sounded like it should have from the factory.

I also had a great experience ordering through PandaMotorWorks--they processed my order quickly and had it shipped quickly. I got the system on Friday, July 7, and had it installed on Saturday, July 8. Spent Sunday in the car driving around, and the exhaust performed great in town and on the freeway.

If I can get some video shot this week, I'll upload that and some picts. There are also two more good Youtube videos here (were in the last group buy thread, but haven't been posted here yet):

TL;DR--great baritone sound, no drone; highly recommended exhaust.
thank you for the review
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