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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) would like to introduce to you, our new shop car “White Sheep”.

Here's a shot of how the car sits as of 5/01/2013

Here's a more recent shot, how the car sits as of 1/03/2014

Some of you might have heard of us before, and to some we might be new :)
RallySportDirect has been around for over a decade and we are located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. We started as a small parts supplier that was operated by car enthusiasts for car enthusiast, we race them, we break them, we find out what works, what does not work, and how to keep them together in 1 piece.

We will be guiding you through this great car’s development that we are very excited about. Before taking delivery we went through the pre-delivery checklist that we found on this site, (which we found very helpful) and once it all checked out we took her home. After filling out some paperwork, we drove it to the shop to check it out and see what its all about.

The little ST has plenty of torque for a stock car, however there is always room to improve ;). We are still taking it easy though, so it will be a couple more days and a oil change before we really get into it. One thing right off the bat we noticed is it’s extremely quiet. Now we are not talking about road noise so much as the lack of engine/exhaust noise. So far we have not notice the exhaust tone inside the car, and it’s not very noticeable outside the car either which is a little disappointing. Although we do notice the intake doing its job at around 3k+ thanks to the Symposer, which is about the only sound heard for now.

I can say that this car lacks traction in winter weather conditions, the stock Goodyear F1 tires just like to slide, or spin, depending on the direction you want to go. The question has been brought up on the forums quite a bit, “what were they thinking at Ford when they put summer only tires on there?” Sure, they might be good for the nicer climate/seasons, but honestly, if I plan to track this car you want something better, and for all season driving they are just terrible.

We have some plans for this car you can be sure of that :). Right now we are working hard on getting measurements, talking to manufactures, and getting the miles racked up so we can start having some fun! First priority will be break it in, oil change, wheels and springs!

Current parts list on car as of 12/18/2014

For more information on any of the upgrades, click the links below!

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
Eibach Sway Bars
BC Racing BR Coilovers

Engine/Under hood modifications:

COBB Tuning AccessPORT Ford Focus ST 2013
COBB Tuning Rear Motor Mount
COBB Tuning Intake
TurboSmart BOV
COBB Tuning turbo back exhaust
Hella Horns (sort of under hood)
COBB Tuning short shifter plate
COBB Tuning front mount intercooler
Turbosmart Wastegate
mountune ancillary and radiator hose kits
Stoptech brake pads and rotors front and rear


mountune Front Lower Sport Spoiler
COBB Shift Knob
Lamin-X headlight covers
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3
Perrin 4 inch shorty antenna.

And just to give you guys some ideas of this build, here are some of our previous and current builds of shop cars over the years :)
2005 STi

2008 STi

2003 EVO

2011 STi

2013 BRZ

Make sure to check us out on our website, facebook, blog, and youtube channels!

We are proud to be part of this Great community, and look forward to offering top quality products, write up, and introduce to you guys new products!

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Welcome, looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Perhaps you can get Team Dynamics, who make the ProDrive wheels to cut a few of them with Focus friendly PCD and offsets. I have always like those wheels. In fact, anything you can do to get them or Advan/Work/Volk etc. to do this would be fantastic :)

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That looks great...makes me want springs even more. Did you guys do measurements to compare the drop vs. the advertised specs? I swear the ones I've seen with H&R Sports don't look that low but they advertise more of a drop than Eibach.
The H&R black ST? I think(could be totally wrong) its on adjustable coil overs. The Eibacs on the Ken Block ST(TS?) doesn't look as low either.
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