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I am at a total loss on this one. The other day I was in my driveway doing the most mundane of mods to my 2013 RR ST2. Hood struts. I was installing the brace to the fender, then testing the strut fitment by closing the hood of the car. Suddenly I hear this incredibly loud and incessant pounding, like someone was taking a very large mallet, full force, to a wall or something. And I mean loud! This was not a 'tapping' or 'knocking' sound. I'm talking THUD THUD THUD THUD..... (about 4-6 thuds per second). At first I figured someone nearby was doing a weird construction project. Then I became concerned that my wife was doing something crazy inside the house (my driveway runs right along side our kitchen wall). It was so loud that the neighbors across the street actually glanced over with a look of mild concern. It was so forceful that I could actually feel the percussion while touching the hood of my car. Wait a second... the pounding was coming from my car!

Mind you, my car was off. Not in accessory mode - completely off. After about 15 seconds of freaking out, feeling like the damn car was going to explode or something, I decided to immediately disconnect the battery. This did the trick. After reconnecting, no more pounding.

So does anyone have an idea what this was? I suppose it is 'resolved' for now, but I would really like to know what could possibly generate that much percussive force on these cars. Needless to say this did not sound right... at all. I'm more than a little worried that it is a sign of something serious.
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