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I personally prefer a true hatch over the liftback-style civic.

I understand those that prefer the 2-door coupe style, the different roofline of a 4-door just has a less sporty look. Not enough to make me want one for a daily driver tho.

I do MUCH prefer the Acura grille and most of the exterior styling over a Lexus. Although the Honda badge may mean more ricer-looking teenage interior than mature sport sedan I would want.

The Acura is getting a little more front end mesh look on this, which I don't care for. At least it's still way better than Hyundai, Lexus, and most others' spiderweb style.

Are there usable fog lights and maybe brake ducting behind the big black plastic panels in front of the wheels? What's up with this silly trend if no performance is involved?

All that being said, I would appreciate ANY manual gas-powered option over none.
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