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So after @boarder140's constant hounding I decided to throw this build thread together. I'm going to keep an overview here, then throw pics in on other posts and the like.

Mods right now

LAST EDITED 4/13/2021

Performance engine mods

ATP GTX3076r Gen 2
Tial IWG Actuator, 16 psi spring.
Speed Perf6rmanc3 Port Injection Kit
CP-e Intake, race red, oiled.
Velossa Tech BIGGER MOUTH SNORKEL!!! Now gen 3 equipped
2.3 Ecoboost Mustang Throttle Body
Depo BEAST 5.5" FMIC
CP-E Red Hotside charge pipe
CP-e Exhale kit in Race Red with HKS SSQV limited Gunmetal BOV.
Whoosh Catless DP
Whoosh Rear DP mount
Agency Power Twin Tip exhaust, which I love.
AP3, with overpriced carbon fiber front plate, lol
Full 93 Freektuned.
MSD Coil packs
NGK one step colder RUTHENIUM plugs gapped at .026
TTR PSMM and DSMM in Red of course.
CP-E Stage 2 RMM
Massive Speed Balance Shaft Delete
Massive Speed Oil Pan Baffle

Spec stage 3+ Clutch
Spec Aluminum Flywheel
MFactory LSD.
Synchrotech carbon lined synchros
JPC SS clutch line
Fresh trans internals
Fresh updated shift tower

Wilwood FNSL6 kit in Red of course!! 7416 pad BP20 material
Wilwood two piece 14" rotors, just slotted
Velossa Tech Stage one Brake cooling ducts in red.
TCE rear SS brake lines
DBA RS rear rotors
New rear Calipers
Damond rear brake bushings
Mazda 3 Brackets, aka Frankenbrake
Hawk HPS Pads just in the rear, Wilwood BP-20 streets up front
G2 Caliper paint in Red

Koni yellows 2013 flavor
Swift springs 2013 flavor
TB Strut bar
TB Gusseted Traction bar
TB Rear Traction bar
TB Mid brace
TB adustable RSB endlinks
JBR Rear sway bar
JBR billet RSB mounts

Shifter stuffs
Boomba Short shifter
Boomba shifter base bushings
Boomba Trans bushings
JBR shift arm, cream of the crop right now
Aluminum shifter cable ends.
ANARCHY MOTIVE Collared shift knob, rough red with ST outline
Dipped and modified reverse lockout.
Redline 1.8" shorter quad stitch white and red shift boot and arm rest cover. awesome stuff!!
Custom welded shift cable bracket.

Lighting mods
TLF stage three headlights in 35w with 4500k lamps
LED upgrades to trunk and puddle lights, VLED Flank bulbs in 6k.
35w D3S ballast conversion and Philips X-treme Vision lamps on my ST3 headlights, currently not equipped
VLED Micro Evolution fogs in 6k
Fusion fog light retrofit, Which is ****ing awesome!!!
Ebay LED tails, Clear/black/red and dipped.
VLED'S badass LED reverse lamps
VLED led Cornering lamps. Took a bit of trimming here and there on the connector, but they are bright. Which are in my non equipped OEM headlights

The dipped snowflakes with 245/40/R18 Bridgestone Potenza RE980as, great tires btw.
Dipped Wheels- The Dirty Duecette
Winter set of blizzaks 225 width is a mistake, lol, on MSW 17" rims, no TPMS which is super annoying

Other mods
Innovate Ethanol content gauge
Prosport Evo Boost gauge
Prosport Evo Oil temp gauge
Prosport Evo Oil Pressure gauge.
Mustang GT styled Hood Vents, real custom, lol
Damond OCC stage 1 mount 1
Breedt SSD with port
BOOMBA WW resi cap
Boomba Oil filler cap
Boomba Dipstick Handle
Cobb Exhaust hangers
RDC DP bracket, a must have for use with CJPP DPs
Vibrant "J" defouler, set to largest orfice
Rally Armor mud flaps
Bosch icon wipers 28Aoe 28 BOE and valeo rear replacement.
Weathertech mats, full set.
Velossa Tech Wing Lift Kit in RED!!!
Velossa Tech Center caps, high temp premium
Velossa Tech Dead Pedal
Velossa Tech custom "Stache" rear emblem, a glorious red mustache
Velossa Tech rear Diffuser 6-pack.
Sanded all honey comb
Dipped front end some
Custom crash bar insert
Red/carbon fiber emblem overlays
AA amp swap
94r Battery swap, Northstar battery
Breedt Thin Pedal spacer
Redline ELITE hood struts, stainless FTW!!!
Escort Redline Radar Detector, hardwired on Escort Stickycup Mount.
Put sound deadening in trunk and under rear seats.
Square Jellyfish Air vent phone mount, Running Waze on my Galaxy S7
Sanded, and penetroxed grounds in engine bay, plus installed the two extra cables.

Pennzoil ULTRA Platinum Oil
Fram ULTRA Guard Synthetic filter, the larger one,
Motul DCTF
Wilwood EXP brake fluid

Previous Parts

CJPP Catless DP The unicorn of exhaust parts. (Original batch)
RDC rear DP mount
Gram Lights 57xtreme 18x8.5 +33 offset in semigloss black
^Wrapped with 255/35-R18 Michelin Pilot Super Sports
Injen 3"(lies) titanium tip exhaust(it's 2.5" at the dp)
Cobb shifter Plate, 1st gen
Breedt shifter Arm
Wilwood BNSL6 calipers
EBC Volvo front rotors, slotted
Wilwood BP-10 front pads
Hawk HPS + rear pads
VLED VX3 gen 2 fogs in 6k
NTC shifter bushing, 1st gen
Depo racing hotside pipe
Depo racing coldside pipe
Rocket Science Snorkle. Last one made iirc.
Velossa Tech 1st gen Snorkle
Velossa Tech 2nd gen snorkle
Velossa Tech 1st gen brake ducts
Boomba BOV
TB front traction bar
35w ballast upgrade D3S swap in my ST3 projectors
Fully adjusted wastegate on the K03
Rocket Science thermal wrapped airbox
WC Lathewerks knob, 4 ring burnt titanium
Green filter
Cobb Intake
Fake HKS SSQV, which broke
Spec 2+ clutch which broke apart internally, faulty sprung hub. Spec wasnt helpful, blamed worn trans alignment pins on my 30k mile car virgin trans removal, or a misaligned trans input shaft, lmfao.

Things happening soon, which means I have purchased and am awaiting a prime time to install.
Cabin Air Filter
SS Tuning Fender Flare kit
Mountune Radiator and all hoses
Finish my 2.3 build, then install that beast
Damond OCC location 2, so I'd be running dual OCC.

Things on the drawing board

New rims
Wider MPSS, 275 or 285
Re-building/altering my TLF stage three POS headlights, in a proper, custom, Wrenchworx fashion.

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Dipped all day sunday 5-31-15 with @boarder140

A ton of coats, probably like 10 between black and glossifier.

I used all products from Their brake dust cleaner is pretty fantastic stuff. All in all it was a tedious project but came out pretty good.

Oh, and I did the whole process with them standing like that, I call it the "rolly polley" method. I used two wheel chocks, spaced them apart and rolled the wheels as I painted them, which helped with the angles and kept things pretty uniform. It worked out great.
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Thermal wrapped the Airbox. Thanks @RocketST for the awesome products, JP is the man.

I noticed it's a whole lot slower for IAT to climb at red lights, also less airbox heat soak from sitting in the sun. For the money it's fantastic.
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I <3 @VelossaTech

Fantastic custom products, great customer service, and a fine sense of humor, what more could you ask for?

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Shifter stuffs.

I had the cobb, clunky and not very well designed as far as installation was concerned. It's more a name and a price than a product.

Then I saw the light that is Breedt, I have much <3 of products from @breedtproductdesign

Also I rolled Boomba for their shifter and all their shift bushings. Fantastic products. Really top notch stuff. Which I apparently didn't take any pictures of, lol.

WC Lathewerks make awesome knobs. I went Sphere SS with 4 rings on the bottom, and the burnt finish with 6spd engraved.

Sorry for bad pics, it's from a Galaxy S2, lol.

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Sanded my grill, and painted my Snorkel. also slipped in a Piece of Kydex for my red crash bar accents.

I used a belt sander and 3 hours of my time. It was memorial day, @boarder140 and @PA_LE stopped by for some grilling, drinking, and wrenching. It twas a good time for all!

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Nice looking build so far! Now grab a beer and sit back in admiration :wink:
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After the CJPP/Troegs meetup @Jbailey1187 (thanks for that!!) set up, I had found the exhaust parts I wanted. CJPP catless DP and the super sexy Injen 3" t304 exhaust with Burnt Ti tips.

The CJPP DP is the way to go, superior quality at an amazing price. I did the DP and the Exhaust off of one set of ramps, moving the ramps to the rear half way through, it was interesting to say the least, lmao.

The Injen has the sound I want, and the corrosion resistance I wanted. It's pretty awesome.

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I chatted with @grindMARC and we decided to do a dual install at his place.

Kydex Air guides for our brakes. Marc actually tracks his car, I just like keeping busy, plus working with kydex is always fun.

Red ones on my TB, and Blue on his PB.

It was a fun day of install.

.125 black kydex for the mounting brackets, 6inch by 1.5 inch and bent 90 degrees at about 3.25 inches. Drilled the control arm in the "groove" right past the ball joint rivets. Aluminum pop rivets, and primer-ed the area to help fight corrosion.
.060 colored kydex for the guides, about 4 inch by 14. Several relief cuts and rounded ends, sanded by the cv boot to take the sharpness off just in case.
1/4-20 Stainless 1.5" iirc bolts, SS fender washers, SS nylon locking nuts.

They have been holding up great, no hits, the front end of the guides scrapes a bit here and there but it's no biggie, with only two mounting points it can flex quite a bit.

After further inquiry, I do have a template available for use.

Also I bought all my kydex from which seems to have the best variety and prices on kydex. I purchased massive 2'x4' sheets of the colored .06, and have used the kydex for other projects. I just snagged a 12"x12" of the black .125. Standard pop rivets, kinda wish they were a bit longer than what we used but, they are holding up great nonetheless.

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One Step colder plugs!!!

I had made RPM points from buying my exhaust, and DP from CJPP, so for like 7 bucks I got these plugs. I wanted to go colder to be on the safe side for my Stage 3. I did not noticed a smoother idle or increased mpg.

Some Lagunitas to help things go smoothly.

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Again @boarder140came over and helped out big time to make this install happen!!

I now have CAT 0-2 degrees over Ambient constantly. It's fantastic. Quality was fine for the money, and it performs very well. Did the Depo charge pipes while I was in there.

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Vinyl ford emblems, and focus delete.

Started looking good.

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I actually washed the car, all Stay Fresh care car products. Came out really nice, besides my overwhelming amount of rock chips. @Stay Fresh Car Care thanks for the awesome products, and great customer service!!

Most of the time my car is just dirty and obnoxious.

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Jeez. Going HAAM on the updates. Lol
Check out I expect to see you and @grindMARC there sometime.

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I was actually browsing it before flipping back over here!

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Some LED action.

I used VLED's 6k flank bulbs. They are very high quality, and kick ass.

Super easy, and very useful mod. I did the puddle lights as well, but the pics suck.

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My winters.

17 inch MSW and blizzaks. Made my winter quite enjoyable.

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First meetings with some local St's. Doing things we shouldn't have been doing at places we shouldn't have been. Good stuff.

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