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A question came up again the other day about why I do not offer the DP6 caliper kit for the 13.1 rotor.

The reason - I believed for some time - is that they won't fit. Today I took some time and confirmed this.

The DP6 tops out on a 13.0" rotor. Your rotor is actually 13.19" diameter and thus quite a bit too large.

How can this be? The arc of the caliper body is simply too small for the circle created by the rotor. When you (attempt) to put it on the rotor the top and bottom of the caliper body contacts the rotor at nearly the same time as the pad is flush to the disc edge. There is no air gap to allow the rotor to spin inside the caliper body without contacting what's called the 'bridge' of the caliper. (that would be bad)

To make this fit you'd have aprox 1/8 of pad overhanging the edge of the rotor. (that's bad too)

Figured it was not going to work, proved it, end of discussion.'s FNSL6 only here!
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