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TB performance rear arm bar (rear traction bar): has anyone tried yet?

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Hi, I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything hence the post. Has anybody tried out the rear traction bar from TB? I'm thinking about getting it since I have the front bar and just love it.
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front traction bar, let me know how you like yours once you get it installed. Btw, did the front strut bar make a difference?
I did the traction bar and the Strut bar at once, which boxed in the front end. The upper strut brace requires removing the soft under cowl piece, which can be an area of concern.

Stiffened things up nicely, car turns better, and has much less flex in all conditions. Its a good upgrade, but depending on what other mods you have will affect how much of a difference you feel. Theres a whole lot of areas that flex, but it depends how far you are taking your build/what your goals are.

TB makes nice products. Their hardware on their strut bar is Zinc coated though, which rusts up, and is disappointing to me. Besides that though, the products rock.
I had contacted Ultra Racing in Malaysia and asked about the bars that fit our ST cars, and they posted the ebay auction of the upper strut bar for me..... but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I really like how the Ultra Racing bars are solid welded units without flexible bolted joints. Seems to me the Mountune and TB bars upper strut bars defeat the purpose by having the bar bolt to the end plates.
The TB bar doesn't simply bolt to the end plate. One end is Left threaded, so you can adjust how much tension it places between the super heavy duty strut mount plates. Its a very hardy design, and the most hardcore of the strut bars. Which is why I own one. It also appears the ultra racing may run into clearance issues with aftermarket intakes, due the bar being offset to the frot of the strut towers, unlike the other strut bars on the market.
I'm glad you like the TB bar and it serves your needs. I was referring to the ball joint type connection to the end plates arrangement on the TB that I feel is not for me. Seems in my opinion there is still room for flexing and the strut box arrangement can still flex and change shape. Just my opinion..... sorry, not trying to say the bar you use is no good..... just that it's not what I'm looking for.
No worries man, this is a civilized discussion, no emotions just science and design, every design has its downfall. The Heim joints offer no play, just a smooth pivot under load.

The area you should be concerned with is the fact that the bar sits above the Struts instead of directly between them. Thus transmitting the lateral forces solely on the giant studs and not inline with the struts. Which would be more susceptible to flex via placing the forces inches above the beefy top strut plates.

Its hard to get something directly in line due to our intake path, I prefer a tubular construction for strength, but that needs more clearance than a flatter or oval bar.

I try and buy the best product available, if the design faults, or something better comes out I replace it. I am in this for performance, and not brand loyalty, unless it's from Dan at @VelossaTech, then the product is infallible. :wink:
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If you look at the passenger side you can see it more clearly. Yes it's a TB bar, I painted it red, lmao.
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