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Most people always want to get the best apparel or product for themselves, so why treat your car any different.
After some time of product searching through limited companies I put my trust in TB performance products and I could not be any happier with the decision I made.
TB performance products are hand made here in the US and are built to last. I cat count the times I've purchased something that looks amazing but breaks on me so soon or I order something that works like a boss but is an eyesore to look at. Fortunately, these hand made bracings built by a one-man army are made with such quality. The welds on all of these products are so clean and the powder coat came out so nicely.
You can find most of the items install guides posted on their site. ( Products )

I ordered their:
Front Strut Tower Brace
Brake Master Cylinder Brace
Torque Gusset Traction Bar
Ford Focus ST Crossmember Brace
Rear Mid Chassis Brace
Rear Arm Bar (Rear Traction Bar™)

All these items once shipped, arrived at my door within two days.
The install process on most of these items are fairly simple. If you have any questions most of their products are on their site for the installation guide. Or you could always shoot Danny a message and he always responds back in a timely manner. Most of these parts have install guides on youtube that you can follow with.

Starting with the engine bay, the front strut tower brace was pretty simple. I got a little overwhelmed thinking it would be complicated with reverse threading but it worked out easily. This larger bar really makes a difference with handling in the front as all the items do as well.
I wasn't able to find an install guide for the Brake master cylinder brace but after looking in the back where the part is you can see two holes already drilled where the brace would sit right behind the top strut bar. The install was as simple as removing one OEM nut, putting the brace into place, tighten the nut you just removed then tighten the two provided bolts for the top of the brace to the body of the car. It's crazy how this small brace makes such a huge performance difference when braking. When I hit corners coming downhill in the canyons my car skids down and takes forever to stop, now with this brace the pedal feels so tighter and firm and there are no skids or hop. one solid firm smooth brake.

The Torque gusset traction bar was the one I had slight difficulty with only because I didn't have the proper tools. With an 18mm socket, you can remove the OEM front control arm bolts, then removed the front-most 18mm bolts that connect the twp brackets for the front sway bar. To help with this, I believe it was a 21mm wrench you need to hold the nut on the top of these last two bolts that I had just mentioned. You can use a box end wrench or a normal one. torque the control arm bolts to 115 foot-pounds + 90-degree turn after you replace them with new bolts that you have to buy on your own. the rear bolts put them to 95 foot-pounds I believe. the accurate specs are on TB performance website.

The cross member brace goes right after the gusset bar. there are these fabric or covers on the left and right side of the car where the cross member brace goes. I'm not sure what they are called. you can do this by removing two of the large circular clips, these need to be spun like a bolt they don't remove like a clip. once the two are spun out you can just pull the fabric down. now the OEM cross member is exposed. there are 6 bolts you would need to remove. the front most two large bolts need to be shaved down a bit so they can clear the opening in the new cross member. you can completely remove the OEM brace or put TB performance cross member brace directly on top of it. once the bolts are back on don't remember reading anything about what you can do with that plastic cover because the bar gets in the way. what I did is at the end I drilled two holes on both sides and zip tied them down.

the mid brace is super easy. with a 10mm remove the two screws holding down that fabric cover again. once these are off you can remove the stock brace. I forgot the size but its called hex T50 or such. the number is not accurate I don't remember the number but its T something. once it's off install the new TB brace with the two original bolts. now this is on before you put the four 10mm screws back on you can reinstall two of them. the ones closest to the end of the car just reinstall them on then you can push the fabric up and then install the remaining on to the side closest to the front of the car.

the rear traction bar I expected to struggle with but worked out easy. removed the two 15mm bolts holding in the end of the toe to the control arm. once this is off you might want to get a friend to help you with this next step. have them pull the inside of the wheel out just slightly so the holes align and push the bolt through. do this with the other side as well. if you get under there you'll know what I mean. once it's halfway, for me it didn't go all the way the first time . it went halfway then I had to pull the wheel out again and the push and thread it through. on the passenger side, I was not able to torque it down properly because there was no clearance. another thing to look out for before you start, I have a normal small socket and a deep socket. the deep socket was too long for me to fit a wrench to the end of it and the small was too short to reach the end of the bolt. I bought some Through Sockets. I took the 15mm and the end of the 15mm is 19mm. I then took the 19mm through socket and stuck it to the end of the 15mm. sounds a little complicated but it made sense and added that extra inch. I then just hand tightened it as hard as I could. there are other ways you can do this and it is posted on TB performance site for their instructions.

Again all of this is pretty simple. I don't know much about how to work on cars but it all just fits pretty simply. I can stress enough how great my car feels now. I jumped onto an onramp and I'm not sure if I was feeling good but I was able to take that curve with hardly any body roll at a significantly higher speed. when I put cones out the car was so tight between them. when you turn the wheel ever so slightly it just goes into it nicely. so firm and responsive. I've lost so much wheel hop, body roll, and slop on my digs and curves. I've done enough performance parts on my car for now but with these bracing, you can really feel the power. I've lost so much speed at canyons because of slop and roll which forces me to slow down. now you get all that time back. These parts are no joke and are worth every dollar.
When you match all of these parts together the result is amazing. if you only feel like getting one or two items you will still feel a difference.
these are a must-buy and you wont regret it
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