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Tapered Spark Plug Question

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I can't believe I'm posting this right now, but my ST was the first car I've ever changed plugs on that had a tapered seat (no crush washer).

When tightening these, I ran them down as far as I could by hand, then ran the rest of the way with a wrench until the stop point, then just gave them an 1/8 turn cinch.

The thing I didn't get is that the plugs call for 106 inch pounds, but my torque wrench was clicking after I had run them down with my fingers only. I know the wrench is good, but that didn't seem right since it hadn't been screwed down to the stop point yet.

I'm confused, did I overtighten, or is there something wierd with my torque wrench?

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Do you have the correct plugs?
Did you cross-thread the plugs?
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