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A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):2013 Ford Focus st3
B. Condition: Good condition used
C. Price/What you want to trade for: $14,000 or a Lotus or 911
D. Location of item:Nampa, Idaho
Great condition Ford Focus ST! The car runs and drives great with absolutely no check engine lights, or code lights on. This car has some get up and go, and it has really nice heated leather seats to keep you in place. This car was in a minor front end collision, all parts were REPLACED not just poorly fixed. This car is fixed right and has absolutely no issues, and I would we perfectly comfortable driving across the country and back in it. Message me with any questions, and I would be glad to answer! THIS CAR IS PRICED TO SELL QUICKLY SO I CAN GET MONEY TO GO ON MY CHURCH MISSION!
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