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I've always wanted a Mustang ever since I was a young boy, and finally the opportunity arose to where I could afford it and feel comfortable about getting it.

When I first laid eyes upon it's sheet metal I knew it was I was looking for. I had been sort of looking for something like this off and on for the past year or so.

I had to make the pilgrimage to Flat Rock Assembly where the car was built within the first 200 miles of ownership as I live close enough to pop down in not much time.

I plan on leaving the car mostly stock, but there are a few things I'd like to do to it as time and money allow like tinting the windows and adding the performance package strut tower brace, but the wheels are not going anywhere, they give the car that Bullitt look that I love.

Yes it's a 6 speed (MT82), all of my cars are manual transmission right now.
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