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My son came home after borrowing my wife's car.
2013 Focus SE sedan

Said the passenger side low beam was out.
Also get a Low Beam error in the information center at start up.

So, being the great mechanic I am I buy a new bulb and put it in.
First thing I notice is the connector for the bulb is a little burnt.
But being smart I check the lights before I bolt it all together.
The bulb flashes and I think damn I blew a new bulb.

Tried another bulb no flash, just doesn't work.
I check the voltage at the connector and it reads 7 volts
I recheck the voltage at the connector to the headlamp housing from the car and again 7 volts.

I compare the other side and get 12-13 volts at both locations.
I put the bulbs I used in the passenger side into the drivers to test them and they all work.
Even the one I initially though was bad.

Now I recheck power at the passenger side low connector and get 7 volts with everything off
Do same on drivers side and get zero volts

Check again at the connector to the passenger side headlight assembly and get 7 volts there as well with everything off

Where is this stray voltage coming from and how do I trace it.
Are there separate fuses or relays for the Drivers side vs the passenger side?

Any help would be appreciated.
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