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So this is my datalog with a stratified custom tune. If anyone can take a look and tell me how everything looks with the car. I think the boost is low but I'm not sure. When I ran with the Cobb tune I hit a max of 19 psi and it trailed off quick, with the stratified it shows I hit 21 and it went down a lot slower which was great. I still think there might be room for improvement though. This car may end up getting a big turbo at some point in the very near future but for now it's fine. | blaker1983 | Stratified custom tune

Mods =

Cobb catted downpipe
Levels Intercooler
MBRP charge pipes
Mountune symposer delete
Mountune low restriction intake
Mountune uprated recirculation valve
full custom exhaust
boomba rmm
NGK LRT7IX-11 plugs
Stratified custom tune

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Yeah, I would say your boost is low. I'm also in FL so it's probably a pretty good apple to apples comparison. You're getting a good ~3psi less than me in the upper rpms to redline, and my WGDC is a lower-- yours is maxed out by 4700rpm. Correspondingly your calculated air flow is 3lb/min or so less all around. I have drop in air filter and Depo intercooler only-- on a basic (not custom) strat tune.

I'm thinking possible boost leak? | aaronc7 | Stratified Stage 2 93 3rd Gear Pull
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