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StormTrooperST3 build

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Well I got the car back in december and the modding is in full affect!

The day I got her for reference! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design White

Then we got to the tint and fog tint
Vehicle Alloy wheel Tire Car Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Tire

Then we got to the got to getting rid of the ugly premium wheels and much much more
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Headlamp Car
Gadget Technology Electronic device Camera Electronics
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Ford Alloy wheel
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Next up is the LED 2in1 fog bulbs (3k-6k) and led turning bulbs!
Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Car

3k led

Headlamp Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Light Bumper


3k outside
Automotive lighting Headlamp Light Asphalt Vehicle

6k outside
Green Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Lighting
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And some more, just edits I thought looked cool!
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design Ford motor company

Stay tuned! Have exhaust ordered should be on within the week and more!

If you wanna follow the progress follow the gram- CJWOOT28
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what fog light bulbs?
Looking good! Im a huge fan of the yellow fogs. Science proves they are better for inclement driving conditions as well. They create a color called selective yellow. You should read up on Daniel Stern Lighting. A lot of awesome information on lighting.
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