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Stock BPV Reinstall Question

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This is probably a silly question but I am thinking about putting the stock BPV in at least for testing if I cannot figure out the issue with my boomba BOV. So when I took the stock BPV off it kind of "fell out" as in I didn't see exactly how it was before it came out.

I have three pieces, the back rubber piece, a spring and the front part with the ummm nipple on it. That's all there is to it right? Seems like the spring does not "stick" or "attach" to either of the two pieces permanently. So how does the spring stay together to the two other parts? When installing does it just get sandwiched by the two pieces when installing?

Sorry if I'm making it more complicated than needed just wanted to make sure I have everything before taking the tire back off.


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Goes together just like that in pic. Then metal bracket over it and bolt it down and connect the hose.
There is another metal bracket that goes over that top piece with the holes in it?

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The metal bracket is still on the car, holding your BOV down.
Oh yeah that's right!! I forgot about that piece, I recently changed mine back to stock cause I was having issues with stalling, and dealership said it was the turbosmart BOV I had installed. So I was wondering if I missed something when installing the stock one back on.

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