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I've already coated my wife's car back in April but I recently coated the focus before Focus Fest. It was actually a pretty simple day. I washed, clayed, and then polished using Refresh. After that I started coating. It was about 88* that day so it was curing really quick. I had to remove it shortly after 2 mins. Once I got the hang of the cure time it moved pretty quickly. I did the whole car once and went over the hood, top, and front bumper with a second coat.

Once cured this coating produces a really nice deep gloss and the water just sheets off. I haven't done a single thing to my wife's car and it still looks clean after nearly 5 months. For the time and the price this coating is a must!!!

Here is a quick video after it had cured for 72 hours: Aug 30, 7 27 31
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