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ST1 fulle sytem upgrade questions

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Hey guys. I did some searching, but couldn't locate the collective information I was looking for.

I used to be a car audio installer in college, but haven't done much in the way of installing for a while now.

1) I am keeping the stock stereo. I am used to using a LOC, but I see people saying I need an LC2i or a LC6i which I have never used before. Do I really need one and if so why?

2) I will be installing a 500 watt RMS Pioneer amp and pairing it with my two 10 inch audiobahn subs rated at 250 RMS each. (This system was in my last vehicle and this is more for reference than a question).

3) I plan to upgrade the speakers as well with components in the front and 2 way speakers in the back so will I be needing the LC6i? I have never installed one before?

4) Since I am keeping the stock stereo I thought I could just use a LOC like pretty much every other car keeping a stock stereo I have done and then throw the speakers into the doors and call it a day.

5). Is the best route for the amp power wire behind the glove box?

6) Can anyone point me to a thread or video?

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Basically you need to make this choice now. But I think you should buy the LC6i. Here's why.

The LC2i is only good for 2channels. So perfect for your sub installation.

However, the LC6i which is only about $20 more, offers you a future proof purchase, that you can run a 4, 5, or 6 channel amps to power your door speakers too.
You know many amps already have a built in high-level input or native LOC. Obviously there are finer more minute reasons to get an aftermarket LOC...

Like I said... If you're only doing the sub, get the LC2i.
But for $20 more, you can future-proof yourself with an LC6i, and later add an amp for the door speakers.
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