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Greetings fellow ST people,

I just got a '17 FoST in Kona Blue a couple of months ago and wandered around the net and found you guys. 'Been enjoying this as a daily driver (except when in heavy traffic) and high speed grocery getter :).

I've been watching vids, trying to decide what mods to do first and when (and what will be worth the money for a family man). Also, I'm interested in getting your takes on voiding warranty vs. upgrades. I really want some tint on the windows, but not doing anything drastic at this point, even though stickers would add horsepower xD.

Trying to get educated on this car, as well as cars in general. I've never been under the hood much except for oil, fluids, and general maintenance and tire stuff. There's lots to learn, but I'm excited about it.

If you guys have some good websites to get educated on FoST/General car knowledge besides this one, that would be appreciated (Insert brake light fluid replacement jokes here I guess).

Anyway, looking forward to the knowledge I can gain, as well as meeting you guys.

Thanks and cheers,
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