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Squishy/Sticky 2-4-6 Shifts

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Had an MFactory LSD installed yesterday, and every since shifting into half the gears doesn't quite feel right. Going into reverse, 1st, 3rd and 5th (all gears with forward throws) there's no effort, you feel it almost get sucked through the the gate to engage each gear. It's perfect.

But now 2nd, 4th and 6th (all gears with throws to rear) you firmly squish into gear with no crisp positive feel, you feel no pass through the gate, and when shifting out of those gears it's real sticky and takes more effort.

Maybe a shifter cable got buggered up? Any ideas?
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Solved! Something had flipped up over the shifter arm. I couldn't see anything, but I guess they have better eyes than I do and all is well now. As a side note, for those still considering a LSD install: I'm really pleased with my Focus now being a Fordaru. This is how it should have come from the factory.
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the cost of the LSD unit itself isn't what worries me, it's the labor to get it installed, JFC.
The labor will definitely blow your hair back!
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