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Your meth lines setup, more details please, they look mighty familiar.

Sorry, im being too lazy to look back in your thread. I have been lurking quite a bit ion it though over the years, and its sexy.

Also, hows traction?
I don't have much info on my build as I do elsewhere anymore. Forum usage has kinda day I'll get crazy and do real update.

But yeah, Pro-Meth hardlines tapped into the manifold. I actually went through Troy Ramsey, their tuner, for the purchase. Because I too, know the troubles with that company sometimes. But I didn't have a single issue, any question were answered, it was all shipped promptly, honestly an enjoyable transaction. But hesitation is definitely understood.

You could buy elsewhere of course, whatever your preference would be. I highly recommend going meth after having it now for about a month of use. HUGE difference in the powerband, I'm probably north of 400whp now, plus added cleaning benefits.

Traction is a tricky subject sometimes. 1st and 2and gear, not a chance. But 3rd gear pulls great no slipping at all on a 215-45/17 DWS06. 3rd top out at 83ish and 4th redlines at 130mph.

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