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First off, was the alignment done AT a Ford dealer? Does that Ford dealer have a small prtable machine for alignment, or a permanent four wheel built in? IS the tech actually 'certified' to DO alignments?

The usual case at a tire and lube place is whatever idiot they hired..Same is true at some dealers service places.
So just saying 'I got an alignment' is like saying "I let some fool off the street monkey with my alignment'. (but I am certain the dude got at least a five minute training by someone who go the same from the previous dude working the equipment)
I would NEVER allow anyone to do ANY alignment check or whatever unless I was certain he was totally qualified to do the work.
The off center steering wheel is proof the person was in a hurry, and did not care.
If the car pulls to one side on a flat surface, and pulls when you brake. Something is bent.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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