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Some Good Dealer Feedback

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Just like everybody only comes here to complain about problems with their car, noone shows up to praise a dealer.

Just want to note from my experience Big M Ford Lincoln Ltd in Medicine Hat has been good to work with.

Purchasing the car was a fair and transparent negotiation. Slightly pushy like any dealer but respectful of my rights. I will note I fact checked the salesman on many things and he was exactly correct, I even told him that.

The reason for this thread is against normal advice I took my car into the dealer for servicing today. Again the experience was incredibly tolerable. Normally I local mechanic works on my vehicles, he has for me and family for many years he is a good friend. But today he was too busy and I really wanted to get this oil change taken care off. Drove to the dealer I bought the car from, hesitantly asked for an oil change without an appointment sure enough they could accommodate. I specified full synthetic to be careful as the front desk lady said her computer called for semi-synth. My bill of sale says JOB AMSOIL 5 30 SYNTH, which is good as amsoil is the best synthetic I hear.

Some goods too:
-Invoice says "slight oil sweat @ engine oil pan", I am glad to hear a ford technician voluntarily recorded a potential issue to come in the future. The local mechanic mentioned early specifically mentioned some concern about this when he first serviced it, advised me to bring it up at a dealership but I did not know how. Not glad my car may leak oil in the future, but very glad the dealer technicians were conscious of this concern without being asked.

-Invoice came with vehicle report card. All good (car is 13391 km), but appreciate the record of car being in good clean state at this point.

The point of this thread is to say I have absolutely nothing to complain about with the mentioned dealer.
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All I can say is that I am glad that you have had a good experience at the dealership that you chose to bring your car to. And you are doing the right thing in letting the people in the community know about the positive experience that you have had. This is going to sound like a rant but it is not, we are bombarded with negative reviews and experiences which I have personally posted myself. I hope you have nothing but great experiences in the future. Good luck in the future.
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