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Edit: $99 Including Shipping.

If you are looking for a plug and play tuner for your Focus ST or Fiesta ST without the risk, you really need to check out the Turbo Transformer. I used this on both my Focus ST and Fiesta ST and freaking loved it. Sure, you will not get the gains of a custom tune, but you also do not assume any of the risk of a flash tune. Just plug it in, race around, and remove next time you go in for service. If it worked on the FoRS platform, I'd still be using it.

The bluetooth features are gimmicky as I'd always have it set to max boost (20-25 hp and 20-25 ft/lbs). However, if you tend to valet your car often or have a less than competent driver in your car more often than not, then they might come in handy for your needs.

Turbo Transformer The developer of this is "rumored" to be a DINAN engineer. If you look on the DINAN website you will see the obvious similarities to this device (as in exact).

PS. This is not a custom tune vs plug and play thread so please take that elsewhere.

It retails for $199 + shipping. I am selling it for $120 including shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

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