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Long story, herniated a disk early this year, had to trade my ST for an Escape due to nasty sciatica?. Finally getting around to selling my Randy Robles Mountune loaded AP version 3. Haven't posted in a long time, but I'm legit. It has the Mountune maps, but also the standard Cobb ones. I sent data logs back to Randy, (free custom tune), and he decided not to adjust anything, so it is his original 93 stock intercooler high flow air filtermap circa November 2015. The map also has symposer delete.

Perfect timing, the car is a beast with this map in cool weather. It was such a letdown when I unmarried, and drove to the dealer...less power, and the cheesy symposer sound returned! Also has real time map shifting enabled using cruise control buttons without AP connected!

1. Accessport V3, unmarried, loaded with firmware from late 2015, and Mountune 93 Octane map for high flow air filter, stock everything else, plus all accessories pictured (cable, case, blue cover, sticker, boxes, manuals, unused mounting bracket, and all email correspondence with a Randy of Mountune.
2. Greenfilter with <12000 miles, supplied by Mountune.
3. Condition - Used for 1 year, Like new
4. Price-$400 takes all plus shipping, PayPal.

My guess is buyer should contact Mountune, and pay a reasonable price to download updated Map and 1 time data log customization. it appears the Cobb maps are on the AP as well. But I never tried any of them.

Please contact via PM, then will arrange shipment via phone contact, or locally in NJ.


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