I have for sale a pair of the infamous flush mount Euro rear headrests! Now you can have the complete rear headrest set stay where they belong, attached to your rear seat, while actually still being able to see out the rear hatch without any field of view impairment from the headrests sticking up and blocking your line of sight! $150 shipped USA

Your choice of either a pair of Euro L/R rear headrests (Trapezoidal shape and slightly larger than Euro Centers) or a pair of Euro centers which also fit the US L&R slots and are basically the same matching shape as the USA center and just a tad larger. You will retain your original US rear headrest in the center slot.

Either style looks much better than having none installed and allows for the same field of vision. They both look great in the ST!

I will also include the two Euro fronts but the posts do not fit our seats.

Picture of both styles:

Euro "Center" rear headrest in USA Left side rear headrest slot:

Grey Luggage and bags Automotive exterior Shotgun Tints and shades

Euro L/R rear headrest in USA right rear headrest slot:

Vehicle Grey Automotive design Luggage and bags Personal luxury car

L/R Euro Headrests

Shoe Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Rectangle Grey

Pic of Euro Center headrests installed in USA L & R headrest spots with USA "Center" in center:

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